Having seen several posts last week on Instagram about the release of 2020 Quick Reads from The Reading Agency, I wanted to share what these books are and why they are so important!

The 2020 selection

The 6 books for this year have now been released so I decided to get my hands on them so I can read them and review them for you here. I am very excited to see Candice Carty-Williams involved as I have recently read and loved Queenie!

What Are Quick Reads?

Since 2006 over 4.8 million Quick Reads books have been distributed across over 100 titles. Books are on sale at book shops, and available to borrow from libraries across the country. They are deliberately designed to be a diverse range of reads and many best selling authors have been involved over the years.

The books are short but engaging reads designed to appeal not just to book lovers, but also to anyone who finds reading a challenge – they are described as a perfect entry point into reading for pleasure.

In 2018 the Quick Reads programme was in danger due to funding issues, but author Jojo Moyes pledged funding for 3 further years to continue to publish the books.

The 2020 selection was released in February 2020.

This years books are:

Adam Kay, This is Going to Hurt: a specially adapted version

A.A. Dhand, Darkness Rising

Clare Mackintosh, The Donor

Milly Johnson, The Little Dreams of Lara Cliffe 

Candice Carty-Williams, Notting Hill Carnival: A West Side Story

A Fresh Start – A collection of short stories showcasing ten bestselling authors edited by Fanny Blake

I will be reading all 6 books over the next couple of weeks and will share my thoughts here. I am starting with ‘The Donor’ and have heard it packs lots of twists and turns into its short number of pages! It will be my first Clare Mackintosh book as well, although I have a couple of her books on my wish list!

Have you read any Quick Reads before? Do you like the look of any of these?