Tiffy and Leon share a flat.

Tiffy and Leon share a bed.

Tiffy and Leon have never met.

I held back from reading this one for a while as I just saw it *everywhere* on the internet for so long and I worried it was over-hyped. Then I read it and gave it 5 stars…. erm turns out I was wrong to avoid it for so long.

The premise sounded so fun – 2 flat mates sharing a 1 bedroom flat – they just aren’t ever there at the same time. Fun – yes? Completely practical and believable in the real world? Here’s my advice for this set up – don’t question it too deeply. Yes I know, what about sickness and holidays and sleeping in and bank holidays? But guys, it’s a book, and sometimes you just need to kick back and go along for the ride.

Tiffy is on her way out of a relationship when we meet her. She works in publishing but hasn’t really fulfilled her potential yet. She’s in need of a new place to live buy cheap.

Leon is a palliative care nurse and works nights. He needs money, and has a flat which is empty every night. The deal is that they never meet, but slowly they start communicating by notes, and leaving each other food.

This book covered issues I never expected (trigger warnings for stalking, gaslighting and emotional abuse). I loved the way it balanced these serious topics with the fun. It’s was a really fun read and I’ll be keeping an eye out for a copy as I know I will want to re-read it (I read a library copy this time!).

Have you read The Flat Share? What did you think?